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Wellness Exams

Just as with humans, annual wellness visits are essential to your pet’s continued good health and longevity.  In addition to routine vaccinations, we offer parasite screenings, annual blood work, and infectious disease testing.  Both in-house and send-out laboratory services are available. If you are interested in any specific testing for your pet, please ask our staff, as we are always ready to accommodate your pet’s needs. 

Annual Examinations

and vaccinations

In-house and Send-out Laboratory

tests and screenings

Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Preventatives

Flea and Tick Preventatives



Surgical Services

Our newly remodeled facility, has the most current surgical equipment, including heated surgery tables, gas anesthesia, and a surgical CO2 laser. Digital vitals monitoring is used to further assure patient safety during surgical procedures. Our dental station with high-speed hand pieces, makes dental cleanings and extractions more comfortable and safe.

A free pre-operative exam will be preformed upon admission for any surgery.  Owners are encouraged to be present, as this is the time that any issues or additional procedures can be discussed. If problems are noted by blood work or physical exam, additional diagnostics or postponement of surgery may be suggested.  


Spay & Neuter

We provide both feline & canine spay and neuter services at a very reasonable cost. Irregular spays/neuters may have additional fees applied, schedule an appointment to talk through your options.


Feline Declaw

Declaws are preformed using a surgical laser that virtually eliminates pain and bleeding at the surgical site, and has shown vast improvements in the recovery outcome. A consultation with the doctor will be required for anyone wishing to have an animal declawed.


Mass Removal

Mass removals and other general surgery will vary with each individual case and an estimate can be provided upon physical examination.

Dental Care

We offer anesthetic dental cleanings for both dogs and cats.  A full mouth examination is necessary to provide an accurate estimate. The severity of dental disease, or the need to repair or extract teeth has to be evaluated before any procedure can be accurately priced.  


Other Services



Laboratory Services

Digital Radiography

Pain Management